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"I've worked on several blogs in Wordpress and Movable Type. However, I'm no developer, and it can take me a long time to figure out something pretty simple.

The most amazing thing about Lifeyo is that I could just move boxes around and have a site - ta da! And it's so easy that Dave can climb right in and make changes with me. That's perfect for the way we work together."

- Anna Jordan,


Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No, you can try Lifeyo out for 14 days without entering any credit card info. We'll notify you before your trial ends so you can enter your credit card info to continue using Lifeyo.

How do I pick a plan?

Just create a free trial account to start your first website. Then you can choose a plan when you're ready to upgrade. Change plans at any time!

Are there discounts available?

Yes! Save 10% on 1 Year Commitments, or 20% on 2 Years.

How do I connect a domain name?

If you own a name already, it's free and easy. Just login to your registrar (like GoDaddy) and link your domain name to Lifeyo. We provide detailed tutorials on how to do this.

If you want a new domain, you can register one through us. It costs just $15/year and your domain will appear in minutes.

Do I need web hosting?

No, Lifeyo is completely turnkey. You pay one price for everything. We take care of hosting using our dedicated servers and a partnership with Amazon's S3 service.

How do I cancel?

We'd be sad to see you go, but you can cancel any time with no hidden fees or penalties.

Lifeyo stacks up:

Other DIY services:

With other services, your website is hard to customize and the tools are difficult to master. Lifeyo is both intuitive to use and offers complete design flexibility.

Hiring a web developer

Lifeyo is a whole new way of building websites.You no longer have to hire a web developer to Proudly Made with Lifeyo you love. If you know how to use a mouse, you can be your own web designer and have total control, at a fraction of the cost.

Learning to code HTML, CSS, and more

Learning to build a quality website is a steep, painful learning curve. Why not let Lifeyo do the work for you?

Start your free 14-day trial!

Want a Custom Domain Name?

Having a custom .com (or .net, .org, etc) domain name is the best way to give your website a professional online presence. You can connect a domain name you already own, or register a new name instantly!

Connect A Domain You Already Own$30/yr
Register A New Domain Name$40/yr

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LIFEYO Really Free?

Yes, absolutely! Our mission is to give everyone in the world the ability to Proudly Made with Lifeyo. LIFEYO is made sustainable as a business by users who upgrade to Pro Accounts and/or Domain Names.

I already have a website, why do I need LIFEYO?

If the cost-savings is not convincing enough, think about how often and how easily you're able to update your existing website. There's complicated code, back-end dashboards, and other challenges that make website-building tough. By comparison, LIFEYO is a completely visual experience. With LIFEYO, building a website is easy, but maintaining it is even easier.

How does LIFEYO work?

LIFEYO is a product that works entirely in your web browser. There's nothing to install on your computer. We've designed LIFEYO to be intuitive so you don't have to spend a lot of time learning how to build a website. With one click you can make your website go live on the Internet. We take care of the code and hosting for you.

When can I upgrade to a domain or pro account?

First, Proudly Made with Lifeyo on LIFEYO for free. We'll set you up with a Basic account. When you're ready, upgrade to a Domain or Pro Account. There's no rush!

We created LIFEYO because we know we know how hard building a website can be. since 2010, we've helped 84,952 people tell their story on the web.

Get started now for free, then upgrade your website later!

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