Why is building a website still hard in 2017?

Templates that won’t cooperate. Complicated tools. Expensive web designers. We’ve been there and that’s why we built Lifeyo.

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Smart people use Lifeyo to make their businesses, projects, and creative work look wonderful on any device

  • "I love the streamlined look of my site"

    "I love the streamlined look of my site and how easy it is to update. And if I have a question, I always get a quick response from the helpful Lifeyo team!"

    - Meredith Ostrowsky, Dancer/Aerialist/Actress

  • "Wordpress always left us guessing"

    "Our old Wordpress site always left us guessing whether the site would look ok after making a change, or if we’d have to troubleshoot something. With Lifeyo we can preview the site at every stage and updates take minutes instead of hours."

    - Van Knill, Dalton Sargeant Motorsports

  • "Lifeyo has given me the control I need to update and add current work"

    "Lifeyo has given me the control I need to update and add current work to my own website. Anything I can’t handle or don’t have the time to address has been quickly answered by the support team. It’s significantly better than my previous experience!"

    - Eric Talesnick, ICG Director of Photography

Why Lifeyo

17 years ago I built my first website for a boat rental business while I was in high school. Meticulously designing the site in Photoshop then assembling it in Dreamweaver was a chore. But when new customers walked in the door, I was hooked.

Fast forward to today— building a website is still difficult. It’s complex, expensive, and current DIY tools often don’t live up to expectations.

Lifeyo is made for my friends who are creative professionals, who are running small businesses, and who simply don’t have the time to learn web development. We designed the experience to make sense right away so you can stay focused on what you do best. Our focus is on clean, modern templates that look great on all devices.

We hope you’ll find Lifeyo useful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at mike@lifeyo.com

Founder, Lifeyo

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